About Olk

Of Labrys and Kings is home to several related projects. This is a femslash (or femmeslash or altfic or f/f) site i.e. it includes fiction/images depicting intimate relationships between women. If you don't like that or are underage or it's illegal where you live then please find somewhere else.

  1. halfofone's fan fiction and a little contributed fan fiction from other authors. (Disclaimer: Fanfiction by its nature uses copyrighted characters from copyrighted films, television or books. Use of these characters and scenarios does not imply any ownership or intended breach of intellectual property rights and is purely not for profit use by fans of the original.)
  2. Mystery Series 3000 by Wyldchilde: a very funny series of spoofs of Star Trek: Voyager episodes.
  3. A not very serious wiki about fanfiction terminology and slang
  4. A directory of links to other sites hosting f/f fanfiction. This directory accepts submissions of new links.
  5. "Someone To Watch Over Me" web ring for ST:Voyager sites hosting f/f fanfiction.

If you are looking for T/7 fanfiction then try http://perfectmisfits.com/